Bristlenose Pleco

“This is the most Comprehensive and Informative Bristlenose Pleco Reference I could Find Anywhere on the Internet, and believe me I spent a lot of Time Searching”

Bristlenose Pleco eBook Review

Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose Plecos
by Douglas Green
Bristlenose Pleco eBook

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I’d been using Bristlenose Plecos in my fish tanks as means of controlling the algae for some time and mostly didn’t pay them much attention. Every now and then one would die and I suppose in the course of things I thought, “that was just the way things were”. After all in a community tank, every now and then you can lose a fish or two.

After a while though I did begin to get a little curious about my Bristlenose as I found them quite interesting to watch and decided to do a search for more information.

Anyway to cut a long story short I came across Douglas Green’s eBook and decided to buy it. You know, there’s lots of information everywhere on the internet about Bristlenose Plecos but the things I liked the most about this book was all the information was in one place, the author was well qualified to write about the topic and it was direct and straight to the point. In other words when you read it you can tell the author knows what he is talking about and didn’t need to fill it with irrelevant information that wastes your time searching for the stuff you really want to know.

The other thing I liked about this eBook was it answered why I lost a Bristlenose every now and again and come to think of it I’m probably not the only fish keeper making this mistake as well.

So here’s the contents, to give you an idea what’s inside ………..

General Information and Care
Types and Variations
Water Parameters
Tank Conditions
Tank Mates – Keeping Bristlenose in a Community Tank
Breeding Bristlenose
Bristlenose Breeding Basics
The Breeding Tank
Before You Start Breeding
Selecting Your Bristlenose Breeders
Triggering a Spawn
Eggs and Fry
The Grow Out Tank
Possible Issues
Selling the Bristlenose Fry
HELP! My breeders have stopped breeding
I Want to Breed my Bristlenose in my Community Tank
Illnesses and Injuries
Bristlenose and the “L Number” System
Oops, I plugged in the wrong lead
Additional Information
About the Author

As you can see it is quite comprehensive and there is a lot of information about Breeding Bristlenose Plecos as well as about 30 colour photos including photos of eggs and newly hatched Bristlenose fry that I found really interesting.

Anyway if you’d like to find out more just follow the link below.

Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose Plecos